– about us –

„LACTIMA“ JSC is a company with long history, experience and traditions, which are developed and refined. The company aims at best satisfying customer needs in terms of healthy and tasty characteristics.

 „LACTIMA“ JSC has a first-mover advantage in the Bulgarian market since it was the first company, which introduced the industrial production of the traditional Bulgarian ayran leading to its leadership in the Bulgarian market. The continuously modernizing of the production equipment helps us increase the productivity. The capacity of the bottling line is up to 5 tons of production per hour and the capacity of the packing line for yoghurt products in buckets is up to 3 tons per hour.

Up to the present moment, the company fulfills all requirements of the European standards, namely: good manufacturing practices (GMP), HACCP, it is certified according to IFS (Standard for Food Safety, which is renewed every year, mandatory for the sale of goods in the European market), ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, and it is categorized 1st category of dairy plant, with the right to free trade within the EU.

„LACTIMA“ JSC has own registered trademark under which it manufactures its own products „LACTIMA BALKAN“


In „LACTIMA“ JSC are working over 110 people, engaged in different departments such as logistics, administration, production process, marketing and other activities related to the company sucess.

- Как се грижим за Вас? -

Ние от „Лактима“ ЕАД сме горди с продуктите си, създадени с грижа за Вашето здраве. Млякото, което използваме е с най-високо качество, защото работим с проверени доставчици на сурово прясно мляко, отговарящи на високите европейски стандарти.

Преди прием, млякото преминава през редица качествени тестове, след това се разпределя за преработка и опаковане на любимите Ви свежи и кисели млека, айрян, млечно-кисели напитки и десерти.

Всеки един наш продукт достига до Вас в защитена и безопасна търговска опаковка, без да нарушава хладилния си режим по пътя. Ние сме „Лактима Балкан“, ние сме майсторите на млякото. Благодарим Ви за доверието!